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Bristol Town Marshal’s Report – May 2015

Vehicles crashes were lower during this last month. Remember to drive defensively and to always wear safety restraints. Most police departments throughout the state participated in the selective enforcement efforts. Extra enforcement efforts are being directed to hazardous driver, impaired and safety restraint enforcement. Our surveys show nearly a 98% compliance in seatbelt usage. Congratulations… Keep Reading


Financial Focus – May 2015

Mother’s Day is almost here. This occasion may have special significance for you if you’ve been fortunate enough to have your mother around for your adult life. So naturally, you’ll want to bring Mom some flowers or another gift. But if she’s planning to retire soon, you may want to think about a longer-term way… Keep Reading


Loose Leaf Journal – May 2015

The world needs more listening.   Turn on news or talk shows and you’ll hear people, many with communications credentials, saying lots of words at us and each other, interrupting one another, asking questions and not waiting for complete answers – telling us what we should think. The same things happen in individual conversations, to… Keep Reading

Garden News/Sections

Garden News – May 2015

The weather forecast looks like warmer temperatures are on the way……..finally. This cold start to spring has delayed some planting. The weather also has caused many of us to have spring fever, and the desire to get our hands in the dirt. Yes, there are many types of plants we can safely plant and some… Keep Reading


Seeds from the Sower – May 2015

Perhaps the deepest wounds any of us carry are the wounds that come from being betrayed. They leave a bitter taste in our mouths and a desire for revenge in our minds and hearts. When a trusted friend turns out to be an enemy, especially without cause, it fractures – sometimes forever – what was… Keep Reading

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