Innes Memorial Blood Drive, May 12

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Giving blood saves lives! Our goal for the blood drive is 72 pints in memory of John and Faye Innes’ efforts to reach that goal while they hosted the drive. Since their deaths in December 2008, members of Bristol United Methodist Church continue the drives in their memory and South Bend Medical Foundation renamed it The Innes Memorial Blood Drive.

This is a life-giving mission project – each unit donated has the potential to save three lives! By reaching the goal of 72 pints; we have the opportunity to save 216 lives!

Most people taking medications, even prescription medications, are accepted as blood donors. During the donor interview, the medications will be checked in the Medical Criteria Manual to ensure the safety of the donor’s and recipient’s health.

Here are ways you can set up your donation:

  • You can register online at under Bristol United Methodist Church
  2. All Donors Click Here
  3. Log in
  4. Schedule an Appointment
  • Find a blood drive
  1. Search for Bristol United Methodist Church
  2. Schedule your donation time


  • Call Melodie Halvorsen at 574-848-5237 if you’d like to schedule a donation time
  • Walk-ins will be welcome the day of the drive.


Let’s do this!


Qualifications to give blood are:


  • Must be at least 17 years of age
  • Must weigh at least 110 pounds
  • Must wait 56 days between donations
  • Must be in good general health
  • Must be symptom free for 72 hours after a cold or influenza
  • Must not have any open cuts
  • First time donors need a photo ID
  • Must not be pregnant
  • Must wait 24 hours after dental cleaning and 72 hours after tooth extractions/root canal


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