Garden News – May 2015

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The weather forecast looks like warmer temperatures are on the way……..finally. This cold start to spring has delayed some planting. The weather also has caused many of us to have spring fever, and the desire to get our hands in the dirt. Yes, there are many types of plants we can safely plant and some we shouldn’t rush to plant. The cold temperatures have kept soil temperatures to remain low. The low soil temps have delayed the growth of many perennials, crops, and is a big reason why you shouldn’t plant warm weather crops at this time.

Broccoli, lettuce, and peas are a few vegetable crops that can be planted now. The cool season crops perform better when planted early. These plants or seeds will root while the temps are cooler and as the soil warms, the plant itself will grow and produce a generous crop in late spring.

Tomatoes, peppers, melons, and squash should not be planted into cold soil. The cold soil will stress the plants, which can reduce yield, weaken the plant to disease and insect damage, or possibly kill the plant. If you were to plant a tomato now and then plant one on May 20th, the later planted tomato will produce a crop before the one planted today. By planting when the soils are warm, the plant will start growing immediately and produce a larger crop. The exception to this is if you warm the soil now with plastic or other means. Under normal conditions warm weather crops, like tomatoes, planted now will not be the first one to mature. Want the first red tomato of the summer? Wait till after mid May to plant the plant.

The inventory of annuals, perennials, and vegetable plants are at their best now. Pick out your favorite plants now so you will have them when the temperatures warm and the time is right to plant. We have a huge variety of plants and the products to keep them growing at their best. Stop in and get your plants soon.


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