Bristol Town Marshal’s Report – February 2015

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There have been residential burglaries throughout our and adjoining counties. Here are some crime prevention and safety tips:

  1. Always keep doors locked, even when you’re home and lock them behind you, even when going in and out. Always secure all windows, especially those on ground level.
  2. Equip doors with deadbolt locks. Always secure basement entry doors, including the bottom door which enters basement directly. Be sure all basement windows are secured. Fairly inexpensive upgrades of basement windows for older homes can be purchased with assistance of a reputable contractor.
  3. Keep property well maintained and landscaped.
  4. Trim hedges and trees. This promotes better visibility.
  5. During night hours, equip home with lights that are on timers when you’re not home. Playing a radio or TV when you’re not home is also a good preventative measure.
  6. Keep a telephone close by or cell phone on your person. Also keeping your vehicle key fob on you gives you the opportunity to have your own audible alarm by pressing the horn alert button.


Criminal enforcement: During January we have investigated 33 cases. These vary from identity theft, theft, and domestic violence, to possession of drugs and paraphernalia to mention some. We continue to do follow up investigations from 2014. Most investigations involve a lot of follow up investigation, interviews, and follow up on all leads in order to get prosecution. Please remember to be on guard and to protect you and your property against would be criminals by scams and/or thefts.

Snow removal: Please help our street crews help you with snow removal.  Do not place snow on to the travel portion of the roadway.  If you cause damage to a vehicle or vehicle crash, you can be held liable.  When removing snow at the end of drives and walks, place snow on the side with traffic flow.  This way when plows go through, they won’t be pushing the snow you removed back in front of your drive. Working together on assist street crews to help you better.

January found us with a significant increase in vehicle crashes. Speeding too fast for the weather conditions was the primary cause.

With daylight hours being shorter, be especially cautious watching for our school children in their travels. For those students walking, parents be sure that children use caution crossing streets. They should wear outer clothing that is reflective or at a minimum, colors that can be seen during darkness. The winter weather has arrived. Slow down on bridges and overpasses, remembering they often freeze first. Allow extra time for your travels. During snow and icy conditions, allow extra space between vehicles and drive defensively. Remember the speed you drive should be determined by road and weather conditions, not always the posted speed limit. Safety restraints save lives and is truly a law we can live with. They not only prevent or reduce injuries, they can keep you safely in your seat, aiding you to drive to avoid crashes.



Michael L. Swallow,



Bristol Police Department



Annual activity summary for

January – December 2014


Calls for Service


Traffic Enforcement-


  • Traffic citations– 304
  • Traffic warnings– 364
  • Property damage

accidents– 100

  • Personal Injury– 10



Ordinance Violations-

  • Citations– 6
  • Warnings– 0



Junk & Abandoned Vehicles-

  • Impounded– 35
  • Tagged– 10
  • Fixed or Removed– 7


Criminal Enforcement-

  • Cases Taken– 381
  • Cases Closed By Arrest– 80
  • Miles Driven: 87,477


Bristol Police Department



Activity summary for

January 2015


Calls for Service


Traffic Enforcement-


  • Traffic citations– 19
  • Traffic warnings– 25
  • Prop. damage accidents– 12
  • Personal Injury– 2



Ordinance Violations-

  • Citations– 0
  • Warnings– 0



Junk & Abandoned Vehicles-

  • Impounded– 5
  • Tagged– 5
  • Fixed or Removed– 3


Criminal Enforcement-

  • Cases Taken– 33
  • Cases Closed By Arrest– 9
  • Miles Driven: 9,572


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