Raven’s Desire to Serve Will Reach Children in Haiti

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Raven Knapp serves an ice cream sundae to a classmate at her school, where she organized a fundraiser for an orphanage in Haiti. (Photo by BBN staff photographer Amber Raeder)

Raven Knapp, a Bristol resident, is an 8th-grade student at Northridge Middle School (NMS) in Middlebury. When she heard a presentation at St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Bristol about the needs of an orphanage in Haiti, she was so touched, she decided she wanted to do something to help.

With the assistance of the principal, Dr. Robbie Goodman, Raven organized a week-long series of fundraising activities, which began on April 22. She made school-wide announcements to the 1,029 students at NMS, encouraging them to contribute money as well as needed items for the orphanage, such as school supplies, personal care items, and clothing.

The school’s classes were urged to compete with each other, with Raven promising to serve ice cream sundaes to the members of the winning class. Each day of the week Raven highlighted a different aspect of the required funds and the other items needed and wanted by the orphanage.

Raven said she had hoped to raise a couple hundred dollars, so she was pleasantly surprised when the amount well surpassed that mark last Friday with a total of $1,364 raised. Part of the money will be used to ship the 15 boxes of donated items to Haiti.

The group that will be helped by Raven’s efforts is called “Hearts Helping Haiti.” Pictures and more information can be accessed on Facebook at www.facebook.com/heartshelpinghaiti, which includes details about how anyone can get involved in this effort.

Raven sits surrounded by some of the donations of supplies that were brought in for the fundraiser for “Hearts Helping Haiti”. (Photo supplied)

Since the donated supplies will not be delivered until later this year, there is still time for interested persons to take part. Used items are acceptable, such as clothing (especially for boys), toys, and cooking supplies. Money to ship the items donated is also needed.

Anyone interested can call Rose Knapp (Raven’s mother) at 370-2683 or Jenny Dawson at 612-7085. Jenny and her mother, Lisa, have been to the orphanage in Haiti, and are the individuals who inspired Raven to get involved.

Raven is very pleased with the outcome of her efforts at her school. She says that “all the classes took part” and that “the students really got into it.” She wants to publicly thank the principal, the staff, and the students for helping to support a “very good cause.”

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  1. I am Raven’s aunt. Is there any way I can get a copy of the original article and pictures ? The family would certainly appreciate any help you can provide.
    Thank you
    Cynthia Kinney
    Paw Paw MI 49079

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