Rescue of Local Horse Inspires Bonnie to Write First Book

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Bonnie Alonzo of Bristol has recently published her first book, entitled Racing in the Shadow of Greatness – The Rescue of an Ex-Racehorse. It is currently available as an Ebook for $7.99 on sites such as and Bonnie is hoping to have it published in print form in the future.

The book is the true story of Bonnie’s experience with a horse named Shadow, now 17 years old, who lived in the Bristol area. When Bonnie first came in contact with Shadow, he was severely malnourished, and was about to be sent to the slaughterhouse by an owner who could no longer afford to keep him.

“It is the beginning of fall in Northern Indiana. This time of year is absolutely beautiful. This morning was no exception. The leaves had turned from green to brilliant shades of orange, yellow and red. It was a misty, foggy morning and the air was cool…

…There he was. In the distance, I could see this silhouette of a horse standing in the fog. He did not look like an ordinary horse, but a magnificent outline of a racehorse.” *

Bonnie bought the horse, nursed him back to health, feeding him until he had gained 150 pounds. Although Shadow is the first horse she had ever owned, Bonnie formed a strong attachment to him.

During the time she was caring for Shadow, Bonnie found out that he was a former thoroughbred racehorse, who raced under the name of Judge Moore. She also determined that her horse is the great-grandson of Seattle Slew, who won horse racing’s Triple Crown in 1977.

Bonnie says that she was helped a lot in her first literary effort by Desiree Fischer, who is on the staff of the Bristol Public Library. Desiree has now started a writer’s club at the library, in which Bonnie has been a participant.

When asked if she has plans to continue writing, Bonnie responds that she would like to author a children’s book about horses. If her debut in the publishing world goes well, she may have the incentive she needs to continue on. We wish her much success.

* Excerpt from the book, “Racing in the Shadow of Greatness – The Rescue of an Ex-Racehorse, by Bonnie Alonzo

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